Charges & Payment

1. What are the shipping charges?

Please view the respective Connected shipping charges for our Connected Shipping Services from the Connected shipping rates table.

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2. Where do I enter my voucher code?

Once your packages have arrived and are declared, it will be listed under "Packages Ready to Ship". Before "Review & Pay", you will be able to enter the voucher code.

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3. Why is the voucher code I entered not valid?

Connected runs several promotions all year round, catered to the different seasons and different needs of our customers.
If you entered a voucher code and it is not valid, please countercheck the entered voucher code for its terms and conditions of use.
You may wish to contact us if there is any problem using any of the valid voucher code(s).

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4. How will I be notified of the total shipment charges I have to pay?

*Please note that consolidation is only applicable for Qatar customers.

Once your item/package has been processed in our warehouse, you will be notified via email. Your item/package will be assigned with a QC shipment number. You can follow the instructions in the email to proceed with generation of a shipping bill for the payment of the shipping charge. Please hold your payment if you wish to have all your items shipped at the same time.

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5. Besides shipping and Custom GST charges, what are other charges that I have to be aware of?

Other possible charges are, but not limited to, Customs GST and/or duty and License fee and any other applicable taxes and fees.

(a) Holding Fee for processed item/package : Once your item/package has been processed, Connected will notify you by email on the shipping charges payable for that package/item. For USA and UK, it will be a charge of QAR 5.50 per item per day for items which are held for more than 21 days from processed date.

(b) Penalty Fee for unprocessed items/packages : Connected also imposes a penalty for unprocessed items belonging to you, that are staged at our overseas shipping facilities.

For USA and UK, the penalty stands at QAR 5.50 per item per day, after 21 days from the date the item was received at our shipping addresses.

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6. How do I know whether my items are subject to Qatar Customs duty?

You can refer to Customs website at for any updates and information on dutiable and prohibited items.
Any dutiable items imported into Qatar are subject to Customs duty and/or Excise duty in accordance with the schedule to the Qatar Customs Duties Order.

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7. What is the cost of the holding fee?

Connected USA and Connected UK charges QAR 5.50 per item per day for items which are held for more than 21 days from processed date.

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8. What is your minimum chargeable weight?

Our minimal chargeable weight for all Connected services is 0.5kg and subsequent weight step is 0.1kg thereafter.

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9. Can I store my package at your warehouse in USA for 1-2 months? Is there any corresponding fee? If so, how much?

Connected provides free storage of 21 days from processed date without charge for consolidation of shipping payment. However, when packages are held for more than 21 days from processed date, it is chargeable at the rate of QAR 5.50 per package per day.

Connected also reserves the right to dispose the package which is more than 30 days from the processed/declaration date.

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10. What is shipment consolidation and what are its benefits?

Shipment consolidation is a payment feature that allows customers to pay one base charge per shipping charge bill instead of one base charge per package. To utilize this feature, simply withhold payment till all the packages you want to pay for together are available for billing.

Please note that a holding fee will be applicable for packages that are held for more than 21 days.

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11. How do I make payment for the Connected shipping charges?

Once your package has arrived at our Consolidation Centre, you can proceed to declare and make payment for the shipping charges. If you wish to consolidate, please wait until all your packages have arrived before making payment.

Once paid, we endeavour to deliver your package(s) within 5-8 working days.

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12. What modes of payment are acceptable for Connected shipping charges?

Currently, the following are the available modes of payment:

• Credit/Debit Cards (Visa/Master)

Please ensure that you have made the necessary arrangements for any of the above payment modes before using Connected Shipping Services.

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13. Am I able to claim back sales tax (VAT) through Connected?

No, currently Connected does not provide a service for claiming of sales tax incurred by our customers when they shop online from overseas merchants.

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14. Are there any tips to reduce the shipping fee? (e.g. consolidation etc.)?

When your package reaches our facility in USA or UK, we will measure and weigh the package to calculate the volumetric and actual weight of the package. As per freight industry practice, the chargeable weight of a package is calculated based on Volumetric or Actual weight, whichever is higher.

Volumetric weight of a package is a calculation that reveals the density of a package. A less dense package generally occupies more volume of space compared to its actual.

Volumetric weight = [ length(cm) x breadth(cm) x height(cm) ] / 5,000cm Minimum chargeable weight is 0.5kg and subsequent weight step is 0.1kg thereafter.

You can advise your merchant to ensure proper packaging and pack your purchase into a smallest possible box.

In addition, you can consolidate your shipping charges by paying them together. As such, only a single base charge is billed.

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15. Can I purchase insurance for my package via Connected?

We do not provide or sell commercial insurance. We offer instead, the Connected Care insurance package. For more details, please refer to the FAQ on Air Freight or click here.

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